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Girls Write

We write about issues that interest us, collaborating from contrasting academic backgrounds, combining the social and scientific aspects of current events.
Go to our collaborations page to see articles of this nature.

We are two aspiring journalists, friends for 12 years, and this is a collection of our work, we hope you enjoy!

Our individual pieces are more focused on our specialisations.
I (Amy) have a particular interest in science – specifically biology and environmental ethics, as well as politics and ideologies. I made this website because I wanted a place to share things that interest me!
And I (Katherine), enjoy writing about history, modern society, and how we can look to the past to understand the world around us.
So if you want to hear more about those, click our individual links below!

About Us

Amy Howard

BSc in Zoology from the University of Sussex.
Academically, I specialised into areas of anatomy and neuroscience, as well as ecosystems and conservation strategies.
My goal is to create a career in science media, whether through traditional journalism, curating, or organisation of exhibitions and events.
Whichever field I end up in, I’m excited to continue expanding my scienctific knowledge!

Katherine Hutchinson

BA in History from University College London.
In my degree I studied areas as varied as revolutions in Latin America to how historians can help our understanding and response to climate change.
I want to apply the skills I learnt studying history, critical thinking and evidence analysis, to enable a successful career in journalism.


Amy and Katherine