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The Uncertain Future of Live music in the UK

After months of lockdown restrictions, much of the live music industry faced an uncertain future, with many venues fearing permanent closures. Tireless fundraising, easing restrictions, and the return of live music events – albeit exclusively outdoors and socially distanced- has meant that in recent weeks, hopes for a brighter future have slowly returned. The long-termContinue reading “The Uncertain Future of Live music in the UK”

The Many Problems with Boris Johnson’s Anti-Obesity Campaign

A new anti-obesity campaign has recently been announced by the government. The ‘Better Health’ campaign includes a series of measures designed to encourage weight loss and healthier food choices. TV adverts for high sugar, fat, and salt foods will be banned before 9pm. There will be an end to buy-one-get one-free deals on unhealthy foods.Continue reading “The Many Problems with Boris Johnson’s Anti-Obesity Campaign”

Can Max Weber explain Donald Trump’s presidency?

Max Weber’s theory of legitimate power can help explain Donald Trump’s presidency, in terms of how he was elected and how he has acted as president. This theory is based in three ideal types: traditional authority rooted in tradition and custom, charismatic authority rooted in exceptional characteristics of a leader, and legal rational authority rootedContinue reading “Can Max Weber explain Donald Trump’s presidency?”

How different is the Anthropocene from previous ways of thinking apocalyptically?

This essay compares millenarian, apocalyptically-minded religious groups in the United States, with the ways in which the Anthropocene has been conceptualised in terms of its apocalyptic implications. The definition of the Anthropocene varies, as there is still debate within the scientific community as to its starting date.[1] However, the implications of ‘apocalyptically’ within the question suggestContinue reading “How different is the Anthropocene from previous ways of thinking apocalyptically?”

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